What Conferees Say . . .

I come to the conference for inspiration. I come to the conference to learn. I come for encouragement. It’s a fresh beginning for my new work but also a continuation of other ideas I have pitched. — Anne Rauth

I got my first publishing contract from an HACWN conference. It has resulted in three novels, so far. But the thing I value most about the conference is the people I’ve met and the encouragment they have been on my writing journey and in my life. Friends are even more important than contracts. — Kathy Nickerson

I recently signed a contract with agent Les Stobbe that came directly from a one-to-one conversation I had with him at the conference. It was at the end of the last day…literally the last 10 minutes. Hopefully the book I have written since that meeting will find a publisher. — Warren Ludwig

Attending the conference for the first time last year was a life changing experience. I sometimes get stuck in front of my computer, writing on my own, but I now realize the only way to improve and grow as a writer is to be in fellowship with others and take advantage of training events. I am grateful for the many opportunities available at the conference. As a result of last year’s one-on-one meetings, I had devotions published in a MOPS eDEVO, met a potential agent, and received tips on reaching a specific audience. Thank you! — Caroline Cooper

HACWN Fall Conference is a ‘must do.’ Nowhere else could I have learned so many potential markets, writing tips, and met one-on-one with editors and agents. I’ve learned to read and write ahead–see who is going to be wanting to buy articles at conference; select or write some pieces specifically for that publication to be presented. — Zeta Davidson

I got my book contract from meeting an editor at an HACWN conference. Great workshops. Great editors/publishers/agents. You gotta go! — Karen Morerod

I made a last-minute decision to attend the HACWN conference, and am so, so thankful that I did! This conference put me in classrooms, around tables, and elbow to elbow with incredible writers, agents, and editors. The encouragement I received was more than enough to make the investment worth it, but then I got more. Through meeting with a highly respected agent, I received priceless guidance for my book project, and a contract that would eventually lead to a book deal. The HACWN conference offers you the encouragement, fellowship, and opportunities that writers are hungry for. — Eryn Lynum

Hats off to Makenzie Howard and Sally Apokedak who both gave me identical advice about my delightful book “Beautifuller.” At different times of the day, no less. They saved me over $7,000, too. And to Rowena Kuo, who told me the year before, “Change the title to ‘Beautifuller’.” If I had not done that, I think the first copy would still be at the publisher. All three of these women are outstanding speakers and teachers. I still have all their notes. — Paul Nichols