2017 HACWN Workshop Schedule

HACWN 2017 What’s In Your Hand? Conference

Tentative Workshop Schedule



7:00  p.m. Meeting: Faculty Introductions and Acquisition Needs

Vital to know what editors are looking for, so you know who to talk to!



8:00-8:30  Registration

8:30     Announcements and prayer opening in Fellowship Hall





Session 1 (Fri. 9 -10)

0. Will an Agent Get You Published? — Les Stobbe

Writing Flash Fiction that Sells – Ben Wolf

Can Someone Please Explain WordPress To Me? – Eryn Lynum

5. Off to a Great Start – Andy Scheer

H. Writing for a Variety of Reading Styles – Lin Johnson


10:00-10:20    Coffee Break


Session 2 (Fri. 10:20-11:20)

H. Children’s Publishing Industry Snapshot – Catherine DeVries

Writing narrative non-fiction – Craig von Buseck

Getting Social: Why social media can do more for you than just provide a place to share links – Aaron Earls

So You’d Like to Write a Novella – Lisa Carter

How to Write an Article (including for ministry professional) – Charles W. Christian



Session 3 (Fri. 11:30-12:30)

H. Writing Personal Experience Articles – Lin Johnson

0. Understand Your Publishing Options – Lee Warren, Electric Moon Publishing

How to break in with MG and YA books — Breaking In: Brainstorming high concept premises – Sally Apokedak

5. Seven Secrets of Vigorous Prose – Andy Scheer


12:30-1:25      Lunch


Session 4 (Fri. 1:40-2:40)

P. Understanding and Negotiating Book Contracts — Les Stobbe

How Deep the Grief: How Writing Helps With Loss – Kat Crawford

Make it Weird: A Spec Fic Survey – Ben Wolf

H. Short and Sweet – Troy Griepentrog

5. Query Letters That Work – Andy Scheer


2:40-3:00        Coffee Break


Session 5 (Fri. 3:00-4:00)

H. Writing a compelling proposal that will pique a publisher’s interest – Catherine DeVries

Academic vs. Popular Writing – Charles W. Christian

Public Speaking for Writers – Craig von Buseck

Why I Married My Editor: The importance of always having someone to edit your writing – Aaron Earls



Session 6 (Fri. 4:10-5:10)

Storyweaving—Ten Fundamentals in Writing Romantic Suspense – Lisa Carter

Monkey Around with Mail Chimp – Anne Rauth

H. Make Money Writing for Specialty Markets – Lin Johnson

0. A Peek Behind the Curtain of Magazine Publishing – Dan Brownell

Marketing Your Books – Kathy Cretsinger



5:20-6:45 Session: First Pages (Sanctuary)

6:45 Faculty and Pro Dinner



8:15 Announcements & prayer (Fellowship Hall)


Session 7 (Sat. 8:30 -9:30)

0. Collaborative Writing – Les Stobbe

World-Building Essentials – Ben Wolf

Maximizing Your Writer Voice – Lisa Carter

0. Writer, Stop Beating Yourself Up! – Jeanie Jacobson


Session 8 (9:40-10:40)

Writing historical fiction – Craig von Buseck

H. Know Your (Christian) Audience ­­– Troy Griepentrog

0. Tips on Selling a Magazine Article – Dan Brownell

How to break in with MG and YA books – Voice: It Can’t be Faked – Sally Apokedak

H. Content is King but platform is Queen – Catherine DeVries



Coffee Break


Session 9 (11:00 – 12:00)

Writing Characters So Real You’ll be Tempted to Add Them to Your Christmas List – Lisa Carter

Distraction-free Writing – Chris Meyers

5. Is Your Manuscript Ready to Edit? – Andy Scheer

Freelance Free-for-All: Tips on submitting freelance article ideas and answer questions on what we look for at Facts & Trends – Aaron Earls

H. Writing Devotionals – Lin Johnson

Lunch 12:00-1:00

Session 10 (1:05-2:05)

How to break in with MG and YA books — Theme: Books readers love are books that change them – Sally Apokedak

Market Your Message Without Selling Your Soul: A Biblical Perspective on Marketing – Eryn Lynum

5. Thick-Skinned Manuscript Clinic – Andy Scheer

H. Writing Deep Dialogue – Jon Hopkins

The Praying Writer – Sally Smith





Session 11 (2:15-3:15)

Overcoming Obstacles in Writing – Charles W. Christian

H. Interviewing  – Lin Johnson

Adapting a book to a screenplay – Craig von Buseck

How To Make Impactful Connections In Your Writing Career – Eryn Lynum



Coffee break and bookstore 3:15-3:35


Session 12 (3:35-4:35)

Setting & Reaching Your Writing Goals – Rebecca Thesman

Acting Out: Fighting Basics for Writers – Ben Wolf

0. Print and Digital Publishing Photo Requirements – Dan Brownell

H. All About Critique Groups – Jane Tucker



5:00 Aaron leaves


4:45-5:15 Final good-bye (prayer send off) and awards

4:45-5:00  Awards and benediction prayer