HACWN 2017 Conference

What’s In Your Hand?

Then the Lord said to him, “What is that in your hand?” Exodus 4:2

Our theme will be “What’s in Your Hands?” That’s the question God asked Moses, and He still asks us today—what’s in your hands that YOU can use to minister and proclaim God’s word?

Exodus 3 tells us about Moses’s encounter with God. God announced to Moses that He was going to use Moses for an amazing task—rescuing the Israelites, God’s people, from slavery.

Instead of being caught up in God’s vision, Moses balked. “What if they don’t believe me?” he asked in Exodus 4:1. God responded, “What’s that in your hand?”

So at God’s direction, Moses threw down the tool he was holding, his staff…and God transformed it. God ended up transforming that tool at other times in Moses’s life to work miracles and provide for His people.

So this year at HACWN, we’re asking, “What’s in Your Hands?” How can you use the tools God has put in your hands (and your brain and your life) for His glory? How is He calling you to use the skills, dreams, and abilities He’s given you?

That’s the purpose of the HACWN conference. To explore the dreams, build the skills, and get our materials out where people can use them, be blessed by them, experience their own transformed lives.

No matter what your writing genres, at the HACWN conference, you’ll find workshops and networking to help you.

What’s in your hands? And how can you develop your abilities?

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