Conference Services

How to make the most of your time at the HACWN Conference!

Beyond the dozens of incredible seminars you will have the opportunity to sit in on, here are some more services we offer at the HACWN conference. Make sure you plan ahead in order to make the most of your time at the conference!

Connecting With The Pros

At the conference you can sign up for free 10-minute appointments with faculty members to show them your manuscript, pitch ideas, or discuss your writing. You will sign up for these appointments at the conference on a first-come, first-serve basis. Also chat with faculty and others about your ideas at lunch, coffee breaks, and other times!

First Pages

When editors and agents pick up a manuscript, what makes them read on — or quickly put the manuscript down? Through “First Pages, an editor/agent panel will read the first page of your manuscript (author’s name is not read) and discuss in a forum setting: “Would I keep reading or would I reject this (and why)?”

Send in your first page, double-spaced, of any manuscript or poem, and $15 for your manuscript. A limited number will be accepted. The editors will respond on Friday night (all invited to this whether you submit to first pages or not). Get the insight you need to get published. Click here to contact Mark or 816-459-8016 if you’re interested in participating.

Pro / Faculty Dinner

IF YOURE A PROFESSIONAL HACWN MEMBER, you are welcome to attend dinner with this year’s HACWN faculty members on Friday early evening. During this time you can network with the editors around the table. Cost is only $14, but this is limited to HACWN members who are at the Professional level membership.

Paid Critiques And Services

We’re offering several services to help you be the best professional possible and to fit your needs. Each paid critique is $40 for 20 minutes of personalized attention with faculty members:


Manuscript Critiques

A favorite service for years! Send in your materials ahead of time and the faculty member of your choice will come to the conference prepared to sit down with you for 20 uninterrupted minutes to give you feedback on your writing (article up to 2500 words, or a book proposal with one sample chapter). Click here to contact Mark or 816-459-8016. We will schedule a time for you to meet with faculty members and let you know, usually the day or two before the conference.

Personal Coaching Session


Are you stuck between an idea and the first paragraph? Have you wondered how to find the best writing plan that fits with your personality? Take the next steps with the help of a coach. This year, HACWN offers sessions with a Certified Writing Coach. RJ Thesman can help you jump over your obstacles and move toward your writing goals. Sessions are $40 for a 20 minute session. Sign up with your registration and we’ll schedule the time for you. For questions, contact HACWN at or Mark at 816-459-8016.

Website and Blog Critiques

Do you have a blog or website you’d like to get feedback on? Get pro input to make your internet presence reflect your goals. Prepare a one-page report about the focus and purpose of your website and provide a link.

Webmaster Eryn Lynum of Breadbox Creative will take a thorough look at your website and / or blog and offer valuable feedback and next steps. As an author herself, Eryn’s passion is to come alongside of fellow writers and help them market the message that God has laid on their hearts. Her aim is to remove the headache, confusion, and frustration of marketing, and help writers create a fun, fulfilling, and God-honoring marketing plan. Eryn is also available for hire to create professional writer’s websites and blogs, and has worked with many HACWN members.

You can sign up for this by noting it on your registration. For questions, contact or Mark at 816-459-8016.


Public Speaking Critiques

Writers often have to develop speaking skills to promote their books and other projects. Get feedback from a pro on your 7 to 10 minute speech.

Portrait Services

jimmathisWhen an editor wants a picture of you to run with an article, what will you provide? The family Christmas photo? A vacation snapshot? We’ll have a professional photographer, Jim Mathis of Mathis Photography with a studio on site to snap your smiling publicity photo in the quality format you need for magazines, websites, and your own promotion. You’ll own the copyright so you can use it for whatever you’d like! Jim has been a professional photographer for thirty years with a studio in Overland Park. He has also written a book, and teaches others the art of photography.