HACWN Conference

HACWN 2017 Conference

October 19-21, 2017

What’s in Your Hand?

“The the Lord said to him, ‘What is that in your hand?'” 

Exodus 4:2 

That’s the question God asked Moses, and He still asks us today—what’s in your hands that YOU can use to minister and proclaim God’s word?

So this year at HACWN, we’re asking, “What’s in Your Hands?” How can you use the tools God has put in your hands (and your brain and your life) for His glory? How is He calling you to use the skills, dreams, and abilities He’s given you?

That’s the purpose of the HACWN conference. To explore the dreams, build the skills, and get our materials out where people can use them, be blessed by them, experience their own transformed lives.

No matter what your writing genres, at the HACWN conference, you’ll find workshops and networking to help you.

What’s in your hands? And how can you develop your abilities?


Conference Pricing:

Members:   Early Bird (Before 10/10): $225   |   After 10/10:  $250   |   At the door:  $275

Non-members:   Early Bird (Before 10/10): $275   |   After 10/10:  $300  |   At the door:  $325

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Perhaps it is time to take the next step in your writing.



Maybe you like to write and wonder if you could supplement your income with writing.

Maybe you have a passion to share a message with others.

Maybe you have been writing for publication and need to broaden your networking horizons.

Maybe you’d just like to learn more about this passion you have—how to improve your skills—and would like to meet others who have the same passion



your craft


fellow writers



and share ideas


Your ideas to editors and agents

Do you enjoy writing and wonder what it might take to become published?


Do you want to know how to publish your own book?

Do you want to learn how to market your work, or perhaps explore a new genre?


The HACWN conference offers:


Dozens of workshops. From how to write and sell articles to magazines, to writing and publishing books, self-publishing, web design, marketings, and so much more!


Meetings with editors. From the Upper Room to Focus On The Family. From Crossriver Media to Thomas Nelson. You will have opportunity to sit down in front of respected editors in the publishing industry to pitch your ideas and receive feedback on your work!


Meetings with agents. You will have the opportunity to meet with agents who will consider representing you and your work.


In-depth critiques. Submit your work ahead of time and have it read through by an agent of your choice! You will then have the opportunity to sit down with that agent and speak to them about your project.


Network with writers. It is often in community that we find new life for our writing. Enjoy meeting those who are on the same journey as you. Network and share ideas, and learn from others’ experience!